Rachel Simms, a business manager in a prominent law firm and a preacher’s daughter, is in love and soon to be married to the man of her dreams. 

Wedding plans start off great, but become way too much for Rachel and Corey to handle. Fighting over flowers, cakes and party favors pushes Corey to become distant, leaving Rachel feeling a way that she had never felt before…alone. In distress, Rachel meets someone that lights a fire in her the way no other man has, including her fiancé. The bad girl that was buried deep down inside is brought out in Rachel, and it opens up a world of forbidden sexual encounters that challenge her character and everything she stands for. 

Now there’s a race against time for Rachel to rekindle the undeniable love she once felt for Corey, or call the wedding off. Something has to change before she says I do.

After four years of marriage, life is not the fairytale Rachel Simms Perkins had envisioned for herself and her husband, Corey. She constantly fantasizes about Terrence Walker, the man she was enamored with before her wedding. As her marriage is spiraling out of control, Rachel questions if she said I Do to the right man or missed out on the love of her life.


Corey Perkins wants nothing more than to love and cherish his wife, Rachel, but one secret will not allow him to live the peaceful life that he desires. When his deception starts to catch up with him, will he finally tell Rachel the truth, knowing that his marriage will never survive?


Daryl Simms has it all; a successful career and a beautiful fiancée. But when a familiar person comes into his life, the demons that he has tried to conceal resurface. Will he be able to fight the spirits or will he succumb to their powers?


For years, deceit and lies have festered in the Simms family. Pastor Simms preaches that the truth will set you free, but will it destroy his family instead? One fatal accident exposes shocking secrets that will change lives forever. Divided Souls will have your pulse racing, as each character pulls at your emotions and takes you on a never-ending journey through their dramatic existences.